Elon Musk has released his li-ion battery pack for house appliances.
They come in a size of 7 and 10 kWh and are supposed to last 10.000 cycles.
Well, let's see. I have no data for a household but to harvest 10KWh in one day seems to require quite a big solar installation, if you use it all up in one day.

I have managed to live with 3 kWh, but 3 days range is not a lot when you have a longer period of cloudy weather especially in winter....

I'd be interested in other member's statistical findings about sizing electrical storage, cycles and personal usage ?

this is the powerwall:
guaranteed lifetime 10 years...

This is a german company also providing li ion home batteris but with iron potasium cells that are said to be reliable for more cycles than the Powerwall (?)