This article:

describes a method to alter the genetic code of living entities in such a way that the mutation can not be driven out of the genome again by random mutations.
This should be used against malaria but I heared a rumour that it is already tried on mosquitos in brasil to wipe out dengue fever.

It looks like a clean way to get rid of some very bad diseases fast and for ever. But where do we stop?
Why not eliminate mosquitos once and for all? Or other species, wipe them out on purpose to increase well beeing of the humans?
Who decides what is ok to do and what not. We can not prevent that some people might find it a good thing to alter the genome of a certain species at their will and letting nobody know until something strange starts happening...

For my part, I am against such things but as far as I have come to know homo spaiens, he will do whatever is possible simply just because he can do it.
How in the world could we prevent bad things to happen from such a "technology"? At least invent an "anti gene drive"? That is not on the list of the researchers as of today....