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Contact Details currently has this staff :

Marc Muncke        (Do a google search on "Marc Muncke")

bee office:

Marc Muncke
Hollandstrasse 8/4

A - 1020 Wien

Tel : 0043 1 218 34 76 26
Mobile : 0043 650 890 15 20

In case of any troubles, do not hesitate to call me personally.
Languages supported on the phone: english, french, german, italian

If your problems have more time, you might like to send me a mail.

If you experience any problems with the website like a database error or a page not found error or you just like to comment on something technical, anything related to copyright enquiries or legal and contract stuff should be mailed to :

office [at] bee [dot] coop is a "Einzelunternehmen freies Gewerbe elektronische Datenverarbeitung " in Wien, Austria.

The VAT Number for EU-Members and goods sold to is:


Austrian law is applicable and the court place in case of disputes is Wien, Austria.



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