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About is an open platform for intechange of knowledge and passion about changing the world and all the rest.

Many people participate in mailing lists or groups at various servers but these all have one big disadvantage:

they are all behind a walled garden and in many cases are not available for public search. is a forum that is searchable by all search engines and thus keeps the exchanged knowledge available to other people even long time after a converstaion about a certain topic has taken place. is open for many different topis which are all related to changing the world as it is today.

There are many people engaged in changing the world and many people feel uncomfortable about how things are running today.

Not many people want to join a group or a mailing list just to post a certain question about a certain issue.

A forum is much more convenient to spread knowledge because it has three main advantages

  • It is searchable by search engines
  • The thread of a conversation is easier to follow in a forum than in a mailing list or a group, that by design has no built in interface to connect via a browser
  • It is very difficult to find a group related to a certain topic where you want to post a question and the "codes" used in a mailing list or group in many cases distract newbies away because they feel that their question may be too stupid to post

You are invited to participate be it in posting a question or be it in sharing your thoughts.

In the long run a forum is a large archive for the public to search and participate

Join today!



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